If you're anything like the millions of people binge watching Tidying Up on Netflix, you've probably been inspired by Marie Kondo and the KonMari method of tidying. Her first lesson to those looking to tidy is to tackle the closet. She encourages her clients to take every article of clothing they have and set it in a big pile to get an idea of how many items they truly have. The next step is to pick up the clothes, one by one, and see if the item "sparks joy" for them. If it doesn't, it's time to go!

Check out this list of places you can donate your items that will certainly "spark joy" to someone who needs it!

Area shelters-For a full list of shelters in Maine, click here.

Bridging the Gap-Located in Augusta, stay up to date on items they're accepting at Addie's Attic on their Facebook page.

Miles Thrift Shop-Located in Damariscotta, more info on their Facebook page.

People to People-Located in Damariscotta, you can drop off items any time! Get the details here.

Salvation Army- Click here for a list of 25 local drop-off locations!

Also check out local head-starts, schools, and day cares!

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