Reporting to you live, from Sam's Club at the Augusta Marketplace, it's Lizzy! We are camping out for the entire week, overnight, broadcasting live, for the 4th Annual Camp Out Hunger!

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

I am so proud to be here, doing this for the 2nd year and I want to make it even better. We are accepting donations of non-perishable foods and cash for people that are experiencing food insecurity. It's a remarkable event and you all make it amazing.

So many gratuitous Mainers come to stop by and deliver so many things. They bring cans from their cupboards or change from their cupholders. But, I have noticed that many of these beautiful people come from the Capital region, Augusta, Central Maine and surrounding areas.

I am from Lewiston as you all know and I would like to make a call-to-action to all of my Lewiston/Auburn Homies! We need help and I want to spread our geography a bit. So, if you live in Androscoggin County or close to it and want to donate, but are unable to travel to Augusta, I have found you a way!

We are willing to meet you in Lewiston to collect what you can spare this year for people experience food insecurity in Maine.

So, empty out your pantries of those foods you know you aren't going to eat, grab that spare change and you can set up a meeting time with me here on my Facebook Messenger to meet our special, "92 Moose Street Rep." aka my wife, Nelly, in Lewiston to donate!

Every time you donate, I personally try to take a mental screenshot of all of you. Thank you in advance for making it possible for our neighbors to eat. I know it's a very uncomfortable topic to talk about, but it's happening and it's happening in our state.

Again, if you are in the Androscoggin are and would like to set up a meeting time to donate please message me here or I welcome you to drive to Augusta and visit us at the Sam's Club Parking lot at the Marketplace! We're here until Saturday, November 5th and are determined to fill up two 26 foot U-Haul trucks with food for our brothers and sisters who are struggling for food, in Maine.

Tour The 2021 Camp Out Hunger Compound

Check out the massive set up at the 2021 Camp Out Hunger Food Drive. This is Central Maine's Largest food drive!

Camp Out Hunger 2021

Third Annual Camp Out Hunger was an incredible experience for all involved. Please enjoy all of the photos below of our journey to ending hunger in Maine.

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