Survey says...people make mistakes when flirting and it can cost them big time in the relationship department! First and foremost, don't assume everyone who flirts is interested in a date!

Now, your basic errors. According to women, a man being too aggressive is a big mistake. It's even worse than using a bad pick-up line or making an inappropriate comment.

According to men, the biggest mistake a woman can make is emasculating them. For example, when she offers to give him money to by a drink.

A bit surprisingly, perhaps, is this little tidbit. The survey showed that 54% of men and 41% of women will flirt with someone even if they're not interested in pursuing anything.

Finally, if it's been awhile since you've engaged in any flirtatious behavior, then you'd better know that the trend is no longer being "coy and giggling." It has evolved into having a real conversation where you might even make fun of each other a little bit.

I think Marie Anne is still flirting with me even after all these years because she always makes fun of me! :-)

Happy Flirting Week!