A video from a resident in Lewiston, Maine, has gone viral and triggered an investigation following an altercation between the person filming and officers on the scene.

In the video, which has been viewed tens of thousands of times across several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you can see a Lewiston police officer engaging with someone who comes up to him.

According to News Center Maine, the person in the video is 30-year-old Kon Maiwan, who apparently approached police and accused them of following him. Police can be heard in the background of the video saying, "We're not following you."

The news station reported that police said they were working with "Project Support Counselors" and with clients while also trying to keep their conversations with the clients confidential.

It's at that point that Maiwan approached the officers, according to News Center Maine.

At that time, Maiwan is heard in the video being warned by police that if he doesn't back off he could be arrested for disorderly conduct. After another brief exchange, the video becomes chaotic as Maiwan attempts to run and police take chase.

Police eventually catch up with Maiwan and are successfully able to take him into custody, the news station said.

News Center Maine is reporting that Maiwan was charged at the scene with disorderly conduct, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, and failure to provide a correct name.

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A police news release noted that "while [they] understand, acknowledge, and validate that the short clip may appear disturbing, it is not fully inclusive of all facts and circumstances of the interaction leading up to the arrest," according to News Center Maine.

The Chief of the Lewiston Police Department also said in part:

"We are currently investigating Mr. Maiwan's complaint to determine through objective and thorough investigation of all the facts; whether or not the conduct of (the officer) violated any constitutional, state, federal law or policies of the Lewiston police department."

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