According to US News, some vendors in Maine are removing lobster from their menus. Why? Well, one conservation group says that fishing for lobster is putting rare whales at risk.

As they say, the whales can suffer pain and even death by getting caught up in the fishing gear that holds the traps to the ocean floor.

Seafood Watch, which rates the sustainability of different seafoods, said this week it has added the American and Canadian lobster fisheries to its “red list” of species to avoid.

Seafood Watch also is reporting that the fishing industry as a whole is putting the North Atlantic Whales at a huge risk.

Further saying,

current management measures do not go far enough to mitigate entanglement risks and promote recovery of the species.

Now, all vendors, merchants, and retailers that sell seafood will have to keep an eye on the, "red list."

Even HelloFresh has pledged to stop selling lobster.

 Because of this the fishing industry has been put under a tough microscope to make sure that they are not putting rare whales in danger due to their fishing materials.

As the article states, whales that become entangled in the fishing gear is one of the biggest threats they face.

This is about the protection of a rare species. As Mainers we want to sell our seafood but at the same time, conserve out sea life. Can we do that, together? We will see how this goes.

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