Lawrence Lucier, Getty Images
Lawrence Lucier, Getty Images

It was 20 years ago today NBC announced that Conan O’Brien would to replace Letterman as the host of NBC’s 12:35 ‘Late Night’ talk show. Remember when it was just three or four late night talk shows? You had Letterman, Johnny Carson, Arsenio Hall and Tom Synder. A few would come into the picture then leave just as quickly. Alan Thicke, Chevy Chase, Jon Stewart and Rick Dees are a few that come to mind without researching it.

Now you have three starting at 11 pm, Stewart in his second and more successful attempt, Conan on TBS and Cheslea Handler.  At 11:35, three more, Letterman, Leno and Kimmel, and then at 12:35 the comedy doesn't stop, you have Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson. And oh yeah, Carson Daily still has a show on NBC at 1:35 am. Don’t worry I forgot too.

Crazy to think it was Almost 20 years ago that Letterman left the NBC show. Part of Letterman’s 12:35 shtick would be a Top 10 with a home office, viewer mail and Larry Bud Melman, remember him? Oh and canned hams!

Also in the late night arena, Dan Cashman out of Bangor. It’s a very funny and local show, not forget mentioning but he's pretty smooth with the jokes too. Check his website for stations, times and tapings.  

I think late night talk is my favorite TV format aside from live sports and news.

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