Has their ever been a time in your life where someone offered you help at a time where you felt like you were staring into despair? Did it give you that little bump of hope that you needed to understand that your situation would pass? I have.

Have you also been the one who offered that help to another?

I posed this question online on my personal Facebook page to get a better understanding of how Mainers our helping Mainers and the response I got was so heart-warming, I had to share it with you.

So I created a gallery below of what each friend had done for another person for no other reason but to simply spread hope and support.

Our current climate, with everything, is tough. We've got political chaos, pandemics, bad weather, homelessness, and every day personal struggles, so it's not easy.

However, without help the world wouldn't run. At all. We don't ponder how much support is needed in our every day lives.

We are working machines and wake up every day to continue our structured activities, but then, there are those moments when we witness something and if we make the choice to stop and help, we are healing the world one good deed at a time.

It's refreshing to know that kindness exists in our beautiful state and paying it forward is happening all the time.

Here is a gallery I created of all of the comments that broke my heart in a good way.

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