Katy Perry surprised Kim Kardashian's daughter North West by inviting her to dance onstage alongside her during her PLAY Las Vegas residency show.

In a series of clips from the show shared by attendees on TikTok, Katy can be seen hyping up the crowd at The Theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas when she notices North.

"Is that... is that North West?" Perry asks into her bedazzled mic.

Receiving confirmation, Katy tells the 9-year-old she's seen "all your TikToks" and asks if she wants to "come on stage and do a dance-off," as North excitedly screams and jumps up and down.

Once on stage, Katy asks North want she wants to be when she grows up, to which North answers, "Everything." She then asks Katy if she can bring her friends with her up on stage, and they all dance and do cartwheels to Katy's song "Swish Swish."

Watch below:

Katy also highlighted the night on social media, sharing photos and videos of her with Kim, as well as Sia and Paris Hilton.

"Honestly, I'm the biggest Katy Perry fan. I'm not just saying that because you're here," Kim tells the Teenage Dream singer in one clip.

As for fans who hope to catch a glimpse of Katy's residency in Las Vegas, you better hurry! Perry will wrap her PLAY residency in November 2023.

Fortunately, the pop star recently teased plans to go on tour sometime following the residency.

"I know there's a lot of people who couldn't make it to Vegas. The last time I was on tour was in 2018. I'm… due. How about that? I'm due to go out and see the kids that couldn't make it to Vegas," she told Out magazine.

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