To the motorcycle rider who cut us off in traffic over the weekend, please be as respectful of drivers as you expect them to be of you. It could save several lives. 

What Happened....

I want you to know what your quick maneuver did, and what havoc it could have wrought if not for my husband’s quick thinking. As my husband, dog, and I were traveling to our family’s home for Easter, we met you on a city street, traveling in the other direction. Your blinker was on as you approached us, but there wasn’t room between us and the car in front of us for you to pull through. There was also a person in a wheelchair traveling along the side of the street, just in front of us, which made the idea of stopping to let you turn seem unsafe. Still, you opted to dart in front of our vehicle to enter a parking lot we were passing. My husband slammed on the brakes, and we avoided a crash.  

What Could Have Happened...

Now I want you to think about what could have happened. If my husband had been slightly less quick in responding, we could have slammed into your bike, which would have sent you to the pavement and possibly propelled my dog through the window. When you dashed in front of us, you were also skirting behind the man in the wheelchair. If we had hit your bike, it would have sent you, your motorcycle, and our vehicle into that man. There would have been injuries or worse. Was it worth it to get to the gas station a few seconds faster? 

Safe Sharing of the Road Takes Cooperation Between Drivers and Bikers

Drivers are always advised to pay attention to motorcycles, and I support that endeavor wholeheartedly. But conversely, motorcyclists must also watch for cars and be respectful of drivers. My parents always told me not to do the unexpected when I was learning to drive. I would give you the same advice. As my driver’s ed teacher, Mr. Beaulieu used to say, “If it saves your life once, it’s worth it.” 


Married to a biker 

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