I was so scared when I first saw the thumbnail image on social media of Scarborough's Texas Roadhouse on fire. I was afraid I was going to click on it, and it would be burned down already and I'd never get my kryptonite craving of their rolls with cinnamon butter ever again.

However, that was thankfully not the case, and the below video of the fire was ruled accidental, according to wgme.

Broken down by news sources on the scene from our friends at WGME:

"Officials say firefighters encountered a grease fire in the kitchen and extinguished it. Crews say they also had to put out a fire coming from a roof vent.


Officials say Texas Roadhouse staff members were in the process of preparing the restaurant to open at 3 p.m. on Thursday when the fire broke out.


There were no customers in the restaurant and all staff members were able to safely evacuate.

No one was hurt.


The kitchen sustained heavy damage. A lot of food was also lost, including several hundred pounds of steak.

It is unclear when the Texas Roadhouse will reopen".


I don't know why or how it started, but this specific Scarborough location has become a tradition for my group of friends, so we're all so happy nobody was hurt, and that there may be a possibility they will reopen.

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