Typically, Maine welcomes summer with open arms after the lengthy beatdown of winter followed by a mundane spring. So far in 2023, summer has been anything but joyous.

Maine has been stuck in an unforgiving pattern for weeks, leaving the state (and most of New England) under seemingly constant cloud cover. That pattern has also delivered consistent rain and not nearly enough sunshine for a region of the country that is starved for nice days.

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To make matters worse, forecasters didn't see any light at the end of tunnel more than a week ago. It appeared that Maine was going to be under mostly cloud cover, with mostly rainy forecasts potentially through the middle of July. But summer isn't canceled, because there's been a welcomed shift.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the EURO and GFS forecast models are finally seeing some light when it comes to the weather pattern. With the 4th of July holiday just days away, there's a strong possibility the cloud cover will dissipate to allow cities and towns across the state to hold their fireworks celebrations.

After the 4th of July, the pattern appears to shift just enough where you can reasonably expect to see a string of nice days in a row. Sadly, that's something Maine hasn't seen much of in the first six months of the year. The back half of next week looks hot, with mid-80's likely for much of the state as well as the possibility that some places eclipse 90 degrees.


Shower threats will likely still linger, as will high dew points and humidity. But Mainers are so beaten down by the dreary days, they're likely willing to sweat it out for three sunny days in a row. All hope is not lost. Hang in there, baby.

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