While it's already hit some other streaming sites, M3GAN is now officially available for streaming on Amazon Prime

While a lot of people have compared the film to Child’s Play (especially because one of that series’ reboots already centered around an A.I. companion), it does manage to assert its own identity. See, M3GAN is acutely aware of just how silly the whole premise is. Unless you somehow have a major doll phobia, the premise itself is pretty played out. Annabelle takes itself rather seriously, but it's still a campy big-budget Conjuring-verse Blumhouse film at the end of the day.

So how can you get around all of that baggage if you're essentially making a killer doll movie? Well, the A.I. component certainly helps. Horror tends to function best when there are societal fears baked in. The rising trend of A.I., the unconscious effects that technology has on our children while we leave them unattended; all of this together created a perfect storm. The satirical and comedic elements blend brilliantly to create a film that’s just genuinely fun to watch if nothing else.


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The ScreenCrush staff are big M3GAN fans. In our review back in January, Matt Singer wrote...

Eventually, M3GAN becomes less of a demented protector and more of a stock slasher villain, and at that point M3GAN grows more routine and less interesting. Until then, the film is miles better than the junk that typically comes out at this time of year. While most of 2022’s holiday toys are destined to be dumped in storage bins or even the garbage in a matter of weeks, I have feeling M3GAN is going to stick around a lot longer than that. Just don’t let her near my kids.

Unfortunately, the only cut that’s available on Prime Video for streaming is the PG-13 version. While the unrated cut only adds an additional minute of footage, that minute is split throughout the whole film, and includes a little more graphic content. If you want to check that version out, you'll probably have to go the rental or purchase route.

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