To say the last several months of weather throughout New England has been strange would be an understatement. The entire region had a bizarre winter, with more powerful rain and windstorms than actual snowstorms.

The spring hasn't been much different. Maine has seen more nor'easters this spring than the state has seen 70 degree days. The weather doesn't seem to have much consistency, and it has been messing with the moods of the people that call New England home. But that is all likely to change soon.

Prepare Yourself for a Brutally-Hot Summer

According to Axios, the NOAA has released their annual summer seasonal temperature outlook. That outlook is a collection of scientific data used to make reasonable predictions on how warm a region will be compared to its historical average.


For the northeast? The NOAA believes there's a 60-80% chance Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts will have an above-average summer in terms of temperatures. Last summer was a mostly wet summer, but in 2022, the region saw some extreme heat for stretches at a time. That could be the case again this year.

More Pressure on the Power Grid

It's not breaking news that Maine has had some issues with keeping the power on during extreme weather events. The state has encountered lengthy power outages over the last several months thanks to a nor'easter as well as rain and windstorms.

Large Swathes Of U.S. Under Excessive Heat Warnings
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If New England is faced with sweltering heat waves this summer, Maine's power grid will be put to the test again, both in air conditioning usage and the power for more severe thunderstorms.

Why NOAA is Predicting a Brutally-Hot Summer

The very mild winter in Maine was thanks in part to the El Niño weather phenomena. Experts believe the entire country will be transitioning from the El Niño weather phenomena to a phase of La Niña.

Kayaks sitting on a sand bar along the Maine coast.

According to the New Hampshire Bulletin, when the two weather phenomena collide or begin a transition from one to another, it can put the entire region into a holding pattern of atmospheric conditions. That holding pattern in the summer could leave boiling heat sitting over New England for all of June, July, and August.


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