Religion remains a large part of the majority of people's lives in the United States. There are very few populated communities throughout New England where you won't find a church or house of worship nearby.

But according to a new survey done by World Population Review, people in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire are all using those churches and houses of worship less.

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New Hampshire


World Population Review declares New Hampshire as the least religious state in the country. Only 33% of the state's population considers themselves religious, while the remaining population declares themselves as agnostic, atheist, or spiritual without religion. Compare that number with the most religious state, Mississippi, where 77% of the population consistently practices religion.



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Not far behind New Hampshire is Massachusetts. Despite being home to churches in seemingly every community, just about 33% of the state's population views themselves as religious. Massachusetts has a large portion of their population that considers themselves to be atheists.



The Farmington River near the Saville Dam.

Vermont is the 3rd least-religious state in the country, with only 34% of the state's population considering themselves consistent churchgoers. Vermont rates as the highest "spiritual" state, finding their own inner peace in alternative ways from consistent practices in religion.


The Portland Head Light at sunrise just outside of Portland, Maine.

Maine was named the 4th least-religious state in the nation, with only a little over 34% of the state's population devoted. There was a clear divide in communities in Maine, with some of Maine's oldest towns still holding strong as churchgoers, while Maine's largest cities have seen a significant drop in attendance.



A Sunset overlooking Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut
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Connecticut ranks as the 5th least-religious state in the country, but it's a big jump from #4 to #5 when it comes to the population practicing religion. Connecticut boasts roughly 43% of their population still regularly practicing religion.


What About Rhode Island?


Religion remains a 50/50 notion in Rhode Island. It is the most religious state in New England, as 49% of the state's population still regularly practices. That's a major jump from New Hampshire and Massachusetts, sitting at only 33%.


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