“Husband tries to drive golf cart blindfolded, then wife throws skillet at him” may sound like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. But it’s also what you’ll witness – or wind up doing – if you visit an upcoming fair in Maine.

The Blindfolded Golf Cart Race and Ladies Skillet Toss Contest will be featured attractions at the Topsham Fair August 8-13. This year marks the 169th time Topsham has hosted annual event.

Other events include harness racing, a steer and ox show, woodcarving demonstrations, pie contests, a chocolate chip cookie contest, a cattle hoof trim demo, a goat milking demonstration, a log hauling contest, a demolition derby car exhibit, an Elvis tribute, a pickle contest and other uniquely Maine experiences you can ready about by visiting the fair’s website.

But let’s circle back to the Blindfold Golf Cart Race and Ladies Skillet Toss Contest. I don’t mean to get all “woke” here, but one of those is quite obviously offensive.

Not the blind golf cart driving, that sounds fun. Of course, I’m talking about the implied exclusion of men from the Skillet Toss Contest. How is it that in 2023 I, as a man, cannot partake without raising eyebrows and irking traditionalists?

Do you know how bad I am at cooking? The worst! I give myself 20 minutes to grill a hot dog just in case I don’t quite have it going that night. I’ve been practicing throwing cookware for years.

I get it. Some people don’t love intergender athletics. But remember that when it comes to throwing skillets, it’s not about strength; it’s about frustration.

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