When playing at your local stadium in any sport, home teams always have an advantage.

They have the crowd, the locker rooms that they are used to, and other minor advantages across game day.

Well, the Miami Dolphins took that to an extreme.

The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, gets hot, but only for the visiting team.

Back in 2022, a video showed the temperature difference between the Miami Dolphins' and Minnesota Vikings' sidelines.

It was not a five or 10-degree difference. It was 30 degrees. The Dolphin's side, still warm, was at 90 degrees. However, the Vikings sidelines (visitors' side) was a brutal 122 degrees.

How the heck does that happen? I'll tell you.

The creator of the stadium was brilliant, kind of cheeky, and somewhat of a jerk.

According to a Fox Weather article,

During a typical Sunday afternoon game in South Florida, the Miami Dolphins' sideline is shaded from direct sunshine because of the engineers' careful planning of the stadium's layout. The visiting team's sideline, however, is left to roast in the blazing-hot Florida sun.

And to make matters worse, the home team picks what color uniforms they wear. So on a hot day at home, the Miami Dolphins would wear white. If they were playing the New England Patriots, they would likely be wearing their dark blue uniforms, attracting more sun to the players.

A few teams, including the New  England Patriots, have changed what they travel with to combat these unfair conditions.

Any time the Pats travel to Miami, they bring these massive air-conditioned benches.

So at least the Pats do all they can to cool down their players while they are in hotter sideline conditions.

Do you think this is fair?

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