In the winter months, we often need to remind ourselves of the reasons we are lucky to live in New Hampshire. Truthfully, there are so many perks to living in our fine state; no sales tax, barely any traffic, close proximity to mountains and beaches, I could go on! What you might not realize is we are actually the luckiest state in the entire country, and that is a fact.

It came out a few months ago that New Hampshire was the luckiest state in the country when it came to lottery winners. The study explained that New Hampshire has produced three jackpot wins with a combined total jackpot amount of $1,218,000,000. You know what’s even cooler than being the luckiest state in the country? We have a 0% tax rate on jackpot winnings. So once you win, the money is yours and not Uncle Sam’s.

Our population is a little less than 1.5 million people, so if you crunch numbers, that comes out to 21 lottery winners per 10 million people, aka the highest rate in the country. You might be thinking that three jackpot winners doesn’t sound like very many. Well, to states like Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, it sounds like a ton. Those states have never seen a jackpot winner (suckas).

But it's not just the lottery we are lucky with. Another survey analyzed what places are luckier than others beyond winning the lottery. Places where a considerably smaller number of accidents happen. Where marriages end in "happily ever after."

They gathered this data by comparing each state and province/territory across 10 different factors, including life expectancy, safety ranking, lightning strike injuries, Powerball and Mega Million winners, natural hazards risk, wildlife incidents, divorce rates, astronomical occurrences and finally, your likelihood of bumping into a celebrity.

New Hampshire came in at #3 out of all the 50 states in this survey. The Granite State has one of the lowest figures for lightning strike fatalities (8). In terms of safety, they are the 3rd safest state, with a ranking of 63.99 out of 100.

The moral of the story? Move to New Hampshire! You won't get struck by lightening and you might just run into celebrities. They like it here.

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