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JC Penney is closing 33 stores across the country. None of which are located in Maine. The stores being closed are under-performing and will amount to about 2,000 jobs lost. JC Penney has about 1,100 stores in the US of which 12 are located here in the state. The closings will save the company an estimated 65 million dollars yearly. Penney says the eliminated employees will receive benefit packages.

Are there any stores where you miss shopping? I liked Service Merchandise, I miss them and the cards. I both worked and bought a lot of clothes at Poore Simon’s, that place was awesome! I miss eating at Miller’s in Bangor. Their salad bar was amazing!  While we’re talking about restaurants, Grazianno’s in Lisbon, they served delicious Italian food, too bad they're gone. Oulettes variety store on Minot Avenue in Auburn I miss them as well. That store was always great in a pinch.

What old stores or services do you miss?