Jimmy Fallon continued his streak of spot-on classic rock impressions during last night's episode of The Tonight Show, dusting off his best Bob Dylan for a very distinctive cover of the Drake hit "Hotline Bling."

Playing electric guitar and harmonica while wheezing out Drake's tale of romantic woe — and channeling Dylan's appearance during the Rolling Thunder Revue era — Fallon offered a different spin on the original single, which peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 chart after its release last July. Recognizably "Hotline Bling" while still sounding like something that Dylan might have recorded in a bizarro parallel universe, it offers further proof of Fallon's knack for plucking bits of pop culture and sticking them together to create viral-ready late-night laughs.

In other Dylan cover news, singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley's archives are due for another round of posthumous plundering with the imminent release of You and I, a collection of previously unreleased material from Buckley's brief career. Among the 10 tracks is his version of Dylan's "Just Like a Woman," recorded in early 1993.

Diffuser notes that it's one of several Dylan numbers Buckley was known for performing at the time, and a live version can be heard on his concert LP Live at Sin-é (along with "If You See Her, Say Hello" and "I Shall Be Released"). Check out the studio version of "Just Like a Woman," which clocks in at roughly six and a half minutes, below. You can pre-order You and I — which also features covers of songs by Led Zeppelin and Sly and the Family Stonenow.

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