Love the creative energy to keep being entertainment to Central Maine (and beyond) with Johnson Hall in Gardiner. June 6th it is The Early Evening Show, Mike Miclon’s spoof of a Late-Night talk-Show, will be live online for an epic evening of hilarious comedy, incredible music, and wild improvisations. Each show will feature physical comedian Jason Tardy, mad jugglers Shane & Collin Miclon (these guys are great) and your host, funny man, Mike Miclon as well as folk-duo, Oren Robinson & April Reed-Cox, Fritz Grobe of Diet Coke and Mentos fame and other guests will be joining in as well…thanks to technology.

Gab a comfortable place to watch at home but you will still be an important part of the show and be able to interact with the crew by Livestream chat, Facebook & text throughout the evening. I have seen most of these guys before…they LIKE that audience interaction.

According to Johnson Hall “The Early Evening Show, created in Buckfield Maine’s Oddfellow Theater in 1998, is the longest-running live variety show in Maine and for the first time in its history will actually be on the air! The show comes complete with a band, guest interviews, improv commercials and big finales and a guest spot from the Buckfield Department of Tourism!”  OK…that is funny!

After you pay for spot in the audience you will get your unique emailed to you on the day of the show. Each “ticket” purchased covers your household so relax and get you giggle on with Johnson Hall.

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