I was watching Netflix. It was a movie with a continuous musical soundtrack (no, not porn) and I heard a thump which I assumed was part of the program. My wife, who worked nights and was in bed, came out and say, "didn't you hear the thump? The basketball hoop tipped over."

This was the second time a windy day has blown the thing down and the second time it's fallen on my Jeep. The first time, the hoop hit the roof, a piece of plastic that didn't even leave a scratch. This time, the same luck would not be with me.

"I heard a noise but it's so windy, I didn't think anything of it," I said.

When I saw the hoop was laying close to my windshield, I muttered an expletive and headed outside. I stopped briefly, doubled back to the livingroom to pause the movie, then continued out. The hoop had hit dead center at the bottom of the windshield and made a real pretty half-moon pattern in the glass, reminiscent of an Spirograph design.

A week ago when a similar thing had happened, she warned me to add water to the base. I had planned to but needed to get some antifreeze to go in with the water. I never got around to doing it. Now I'll pay.

Well, it could have been worse, I suppose. It could have been a giant Oak which would have crushed the whole thing. Sure, that's it. There's my bright side. :-)