I use to bring my shotgun to school and show the teachers during "open school" and they would commend me on such a fine piece of hardware handed down to me from my dad. That wasn't that long ago! Now, if a kid has a bright yellow toy squirt gun, as one did at Lewiston High School, they're out for ten days! I can't call administrators what I'd like to here because I'd be censored or worse.

According to a report, the suspension took place after a bright yellow toy squirt gun fell out of a tenth grader's backpack.

School Superintendent Bill Webster told the Lewiston Sun Journal that the suspension could be reduced and that administrators "will work to balance the discipline with the facts of the case."

Anyone who knows me knows I am very strongly pro second amendment. That said, I don't believe students should be allowed to have weapons inside schools. But this type of zero tolerance makes these "educated administrators" look like juvenile delinquents! They are suppose to be setting an example for kids and they are, all the while, setting themselves up to be made fun of by students, as well they should be.

Come on Lewiston (and any other district that follows these guidelines), use common sense. You're really making yourselves look like a bunch of fools.

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