A single chocolate bit[/caption]My oh my...what a pretty little morsel of savory goodness. Dark chocolate compressed into a tiny bit that's barely the size of your fingernail. How on Earth could that possibly cause any problems?

People love to preach, moderation. Watch what you eat or pay attention to your portions and you'll be a lot healthier and you'll have more energy because you won't be carrying around so much weight.

Well, more energy would be good. I know! Why not get energy by indulging myself? Those chocolate morsels are tasty and they're small. So I took a couple out of the bag and sucked on them until they were all gone. Then I got 3 or 4 more. Mmmmmm, that dark chocolate sure is delish! Finally, I couldn't control the intake. It was like I'm an engine starving for gas and if I don't get some gas (chocolate bits) into me, I may faint or die or something.

Finally, I just gave out and ate, ballpark, 600 of the little fellers. Hey they are small. And if I'm going to grow bigger, I'll need the chocolate to give me energy to move my fat butt!

So go ahead, follow the Jontra System method. Sure, you'll balloon up but, if you keep stuffing chocolate down your garbage shute, you'll never lack for enough energy to kick the butt of some little pip squeak who says you have to lose weight!