Imagine, endless amounts of chocolate, all day long, as much as you can eat. It's not heaven even though it sounds like it. This is actually something you can experience.

It's literally an all day Chocolate Festival, according to WABI.

Here's a sweet little side-note for you all: When I was younger I used to imagine myself in the movie, "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory", I always wanted to jump into the chocolate river, chillen' on a float with a long straw in my mouth.

If you're anything like me and have dreaming about endless amounts of chocolate, then we're all one step closer to being completely immersed in a chocolate river.

The Central Maine 4th of July Committee are the giving folks who are putting this very sweet festival on. It is at the Fairfield Community Center on February 12th and will start from 9am to 4 pm on February 12.

Best part, it's free! This is a family friendly event so bring the littles! You can bond over milk chocolate.

There will also be activities where the kiddos can make Valentines Day Cards and have fun being a part of arts and crafts.

Over 30 local venders will be at this rich and creamy event.

The Great American Celebration President, Kevin Douglas says it's a chance to bring the community together. Boy is he right! Nothing brings families together more than chocolate in my eyes!

Check out Central Maine's Chocolate Festival on Facebook for more details!

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