To say that this storm has caused significant damage across the state would somehow be an understatement.

Early estimates put the overall damage well into the tens of millions of dollars.

All of this as tree and power line crews continue to work around the clock to clear debris and begin the grueling task of restoring power to more than 360,000 Mainers across the state.

According to WGME, many Mainers could be without power for days. The news station also noted that the peak amount of power outages during this storm nearly rivaled the outages from a windstorm in 2017.

Dave Dostie
Dave Dostie

Sadly, multiple deaths have been reported due to intense wind and rain storm on Monday, December 18.

One of those deaths happened in the town of Fairfield, Maine.

As of Tuesday morning, WGME 13 was reporting that a man was killed in Fairfield.

The Fairfield Police Department said that the accident happened near the Norridgewock Road just after 3:30 p.m. Reports indicate that a man was using his tractor to try and remove a tree that had come down during the storm.

While the man was trying to move the tree, a piece of it struck him which led to fatal injuries. At this time, the man's identity has not been released as emergency officials work to notify the man's family of his death.

This is a developing story that we will keep updated as more information becomes available to us.

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