I have been getting my winter stuff ready for Camp Out Hunger...because it will be early November, and while I can hope the weather will be warm, I am not banking on it. 

I HATE being cold. But I can do OK if my feet are warm. If my feet and hands are warm, I am even better. With the cold fall and winter temperatures, I am always looking for other ways not to be so uncomfortable.

For Camp Out Hunger and anytime I need to be outdoors for extended amounts of time...it is all about good boots, insulating inner soles for your boots, and Hot Hands for your body, feet, and hands.

Being cold at work is more than just annoying; it can cut productivity. Some studies have linked warmer offices with fewer errors and higher output. A month-long study at Cornell University found that when the temp went from 68 to 77 degrees, well, typing errors fell by 44%, and typing output jumped by 150%! Another study suggested that productive drops if it is too cold OR to warm. I understand both of those.

At work, I use super warm socks, a space heater and I change from my cold outside shoes into my work slippers. I am lucky I can do all this in my workplace. 

When I am in my own home, I usually take a quick shower before bed to warm up. I hop into my cozy bed, and I am OK. But there are things I do like I put on layers, and I now have electric foot warmers. Warm feet = Happier Renee. I can use those for TV or if I am on the computer.

Anyway, you cut it, stay warm, fellow Mainers!

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