In a world where we're living, learning and working from home pretty much around the clock, those social media apps can become even more of a time-suck than usual.

That's why Facebook has developed a new feature called 'quiet mode' and it's exactly what is sounds like. This feature will now allow you to schedule when you want the app to be available for use.

If you have to work from home from 9-5, this feature will allow you to block access to the app during that time frame. So if you're crankin' away at your job but you get a little tempted to tap on that blue icon, quiet mode will keep it at bay.

Of course if need be, even after you've already scheduled quiet time, you can still go in and override it if you have to. You can also use the feature to just stop all notifications and not necessarily lock you out of the app.

If you don't have it yet, don't worry, Facebook just started rolling this out, but you will eventually get it.

Remember before we had Facebook's 'quiet mode' and we had to regulate our social media time with old fashioned self-control? Yeah, I didn't much care for that either!

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