The outside of Kennebec Savings Bank in Farmingdale would fool anyone into believing that this structure was built in the early twentieth century but inside, it's a completely modern, state-of-the-art facility.

The first thing that struck me was the unmistakable 'new bank' smell. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, and was temporarily taken away to a dreamland that was filled with lots and lots of paper money, covering every inch of my body. Then someone struck me upside the head and said, "Hey Jon...ya with us?" Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Congratulations to branch manager Tracy Plourde and her team. They have a wonderful place to call home after spending the last couple of years in a small space in a multipurpose building in Gardiner. They will miss the smell of bread baking next door at Subway, but hey, you have to make sacrifices in order to evolve.

The thing that amazed me was how efficient this building is. The existing light from outside dictates how bright the inside lighting is and the heating bill? Non-existent. The cooling bill? The same. Save for a water pump, the whole building's climate is controlled by geothermal energy. No heating elements, no oil burner, no compressors. Just the Earth's natural energy. Pretty amazing stuff.

The fireworks were amazing to end the grand opening/open house. Steve Marson of Pyro City and Central Maine Pyrotechnics was on hand to oversee the display which lasted for more than 20 minutes, non-stop and ended with a ground display that was the KSB logo with flames shooting out the sides and top. I almost expected to see KISS rise up behind it and start singing.

I ended the night as I end all good nights....with a great meal. My buddy Dennis Wheelock was there for the festivities and I thought I'd head over to his place, Dennis' Pizza in Gardiner, for some grub. I got me a DELICIOUS thin crust pepperoni pizza (with extra pep) and some of that hot chili Dennis makes! By the way, save 30% on Dennis' Pizza here with 'Seize the Deal.'

Finally, thank you to Mark Johnston, Andrew Silsby and the whole KSB team for letting us be a part of the festivities. I'm Jon James and Kennebec Savings? That's my bank!