If you have any concerns that you may have been part of a data breach, you should visit this website.

Have I Been Pwnd compares your email address to email addresses listed on its database of accounts compromised by data breaches.

Once you've entered your address and hit the "pwnd?" button, the site gives you the number of times (if any) that your email address has been part of a breach.  If you scroll down, it will give you specifics (including the site or service, the year, and what type of data was compromised) for each breach.

Their database is very thorough.  It goes back DECADES.  Apparently, one of my email addresses was part of a Myspace breach that happened back in 2006!

While the Pwnd database is updated several times per hour, they do not necessarily have every breach.  So, even if a search on the site comes up with no issues, you're going to want to be vigilant about keeping an eye on your digital identity.

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