'Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular' (Nov. 28) was full of special guests, including Elton John, Kristen Bell, RuPaul and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It was more of a Gaga special promoting 'ARTPOP,' with sprinklings of Muppets throughout. The furry creatures helped Ma Monster celebrate her new album and Thanksgiving!

It was fun to watch Gaga rock out with Janice, Animal, Fozzy, Gonzo and profess her love for Kermit, much to the dismay of Miss Piggy.

The 90-minute special was loaded with plenty of memorable moments, but these were the best.

The Performance of 'Venus': Gaga's hair was larger than life, but it was her backing band -- Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem-- that anchored the song. Animal was the rhythmic backbone. He should totally go on tour with Gaga next year.

Gaga x Elton John Performing a Custom Version of 'Bennie and the Jets': The song was swapped out to 'Gaga and the Jets.' Well, she is the godmother to the Rocket Man's two sons, so he can alter one of his biggest hits to cater to Gaga on her special. She also wore glasses that looked like the tops of soda cans.

Gaga x Elton John Performing 'ARTPOP' With Help From the Muppets: The song came to life when Gaga and Elton performed it together, especially how they made eye contact throughout. When Rolf, Scooter, Kermit and crew joined their performance, it was an 'ARTPOP' party. Those grumpy old men Waldorf and Statler weighed in, saying, "There's nothing like a holiday song... And that was nothing like a holiday song." Ooh, burn!

Beeker in a Bubble Wrap Dress: Honeydew Bunson created a bubble wrap dress to follow up Gaga's bubble dress...saying that it's fashion-forward in addition allowing her to ship herself anywhere in the world. He forced the hapless Beeker to model it. Then Animal went nuts on the bubble wrap dress while Beeks was still wearing it. Poor guy!

Gaga and Kermit's Duet of 'Gypsy': Lookout, Miss Piggy. It was a heartfelt and emotional number for Gaga and the frog.

Gaga and JG-L Performing 'Baby It's Cold Outside': It was classy, with JG-L in a suit and Gaga in a mermaid-like red dress as they performed a romantic version of a familiar holiday tune.

The 'Applause' Finale Featuring Gaga and Miss Piggy: "It's not about how big the spectacle is, it's about us celebrating the holidays together," Gaga said, giving Piggy the credit for saving the day and coming up with the finale idea. Their feud over Kermit was quickly squashed!

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