Are you familiar with Naturist New Hampshire? I recently familiarized myself with the concept and am very intrigued. I myself am a little bashful when it comes to being in the buff. I don't even parade around in my birthday suit in the comfort of my own home. Perhaps that is something I should work on. Nevertheless, I think people who embrace being in their original form are awesome. It seems so liberating.

So what is naturist New Hampshire? 

Their website describes the club as "a clothing-optional travel club that normally meets at least monthly at various venues throughout New Hampshire and New England." The cool thing about "clothing-optional" is that it allows those who might be unsure about social nudity to explore it at their own pace.

How does one join?

Membership is available, but not required. It is open to all who observe a non-judgmental, non-sexual, and respectful approach to others, ensuring that everyone feels safe and welcome.

What's the point? 

It's called practicing social nudity, and the purpose is to promote acceptance and awareness of our bodies, as well as age acceptance. Those who practice social nudity are less likely to be judgmental of others and their bodies. It's all about living free, which directly coincides with our state motto in New Hampshire "Live Free or Die". They also believe that clothing is confining, and limits our exposure to health benefits of air and sun.

According to their calendar, they have many events coming up in February and March. Most appear to be pool parties, which seems like a great introduction into the social nudity scene. They also have a retreat in July.

Would you channel your inner Adam or Eve if given the opportunity?

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