As I lie on my stomach in front of my laptop waiting for SNL to start, I'm watching Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, I ask, do you believe in ghosts and other paranormal activity? I have never seen a ghost, at least not an apparition. I have had weird things happen to me, like a glass cutting board just shatter without any force or touch a few months ago. It just completely exploded on my counter. At the Moose complex I've heard odd noises after hours, like footsteps and what I've thought were voices from upstairs. I've gone up, and no one was there. Still on the fence about ghosts in the hollywood sense, but do I love to watch Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters

Now, I do believe there is life on other planets, but do I think Earth has been visited by aliens? Probably not. I believe if we can't get there than what makes extra terrestrials so advanced? It is kind of an interesting thing to ponder. Are there aliens is formaldehyde at Area 51? Someone knows the answer. I will say this, one night about 10 years ago I was on the air, probably 7pm, 7:30 and I got a call from a listener asking me about a big ball of light over Augusta's east side. So of course I went out on the back loading dock to check it out and saw it. This stationary light or bright orb remained in the sky for probably 20 minutes. I even called the Augusta airport to ask them what it was but at that time of day no one answered. It may have been an U.F.O., it may have been a weather phenomenon?

The self exploding glass cutting board was it a ghost? Was the orb over Augusta a U.F.O.? I'll probably never know. So what paranormal experiences have you had? Had any you'd like to share?