Recently, in the Lewiston Rocks Facebook group, a man named Jacob posted the text message (or some other kind of DM - it is hard to tell from the screenshot) that he sent to his boss about closing early.  Not a surprise, the internet reacted in several different ways.

In the message, he asked his boss to allow them to close the Main Street location of the business early.  He explained that he did not feel they had adequate staff to close the business properly.  He also noted that he was hoping to get more sleep and did not like the idea of getting out of work at about 1 AM.

The screenshot of the message was part of a post where he explains that workers must set boundaries with their bosses.

The post says, in part:

There’s this great myth in the institution of work that it is the bosses who have power over the workers. This is an inherent lie. Fundamentally, it is the workers who choose to work at any particular location.  Workers are coerced into working lest they succumb to death and poverty, but at the end of the day, if the workers chose to leave one job for another, it is the bosses who would be left in the dust, not the other way around.


Not surprisingly, hundreds of people had something to say about this.  As of November 12th, there were over 300 comments.  Many of those were people arguing back and forth about their opinion on the subject.

Many of the commenters were in support of the man standing up to his boss.  However, just as many people called the employee out for being disrespectful or lazy - their words, not those of the author.

My personal take is probably one that is less than popular.  I understand his logic in requesting they close early due to inadequate staffing.  Depending on the type of business, that could directly affect the employer / business owner in several ways.  However, I would not have included the part about wanting to go to bed earlier.  I am sure he had good reasons for why he wanted to get to bed early (other obligations, etc), but that probably will not influence the employer's decision to close early.

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