Weezy fans, it's time to heave another sigh of relief, as Lil Wayne is on the mend. The rapper has been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and doctors have upgraded his condition to stable.

That's a far cry from Friday night's (March 15) report that last rites were being administered while family rushed to his deathbed, only for Weezy to tweet a sign of life and cause a massive flood of tweets from rappers in his inner circle and beyond accusing TMZ of shoddy reporting.

TMZ, the source of the "OMG! Weezy is dying" false alarm death watch, says that he has been transferred to a regular room at the hospital and is no longer requiring around-the-clock care. He's even walking around his floor, accompanied by security detail, of course. Can't you just picture Weezy in his hospital gown, with Trukfit boxers and tube socks pulled up to his knees, paired with sandals, cruising down the hallways?

His violent seizures are said to be a result of a codeine overdose, but his discharge is imminent.

Let's hope that one of the entourage's jobs is to keep the Sizzurp -- a Weezy-favored cocktail of prescription-strength cough syrup, sugary soft drinks like Mountain Dew and even more sugary candies like Jolly Ranchers -- outta his mits. We get that the Sizz offers a serious high, but we can't even imagine getting a gulp of that stuff down our gullets without hurling. It sounds naaaaaastay.

And after seeing what it did to Weezy, it's a cautionary tale. Stay away from that crap, kids.

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