If 'Machete Kills' is any indication, director Robert Rodriguez has exceptional taste in women. Just look at the cast, which is filled with names like Jessica Alba, an all-grown-up Alexa Vega and Amber Heard. Not only that, but he knows what the fans like, seeing them sexy and guns a blazin'. Just watch out for Sofia Vergara. Her new 'Machete Kills' poster reveals her sexiness could also mean the death of you.

Sofia Vergara plays Desdemona in 'Machete Kills,' and although not much is known about what we can expect from her character, the latest poster for the film (found via Latino Review) reveals she may be a fan of 'Austin Powers.' Here we see the 'Modern Family' bombshell take a note from the Fembots by transforming her bazongas into deadly weapons. And don't forget about that sexy dominatrix look of hers we got a look at a while back.

'Machete Kills' also features Michelle Rodriguez, Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens, but (perhaps thankfully) not Lindsay Lohan. And that's just the rest of the bombshells. Danny Trejo returns as his ex-Federale agent Machete from the first film, who's recruited by the President to take down a madman billionaire arms dealer.

Get a load of Sofia Vergara's new 'Machete Kills' poster below. What'd you think? Is it comparable to Alexa Vega?

UPDATE: EW provided the hi-res version of the poster for your enjoyment (see it below), and included this quote from Robert Rodriguez about his femme fatale: "It was a whirlwind. She was willing to do anything and everything. She became this character. It was great fun for everybody."

Machete Kills Poster Sofia Vergara
Open Road Films via EW

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