Television bombshell Sofia Vergara is known as a brunette, but she's actually a natural blonde. And now she's back to her roots -- at least for the warmer months ahead.

She shared her new look with Instagram along with the caption, “Blond ambitions!! Gracias to the amazing Kelly Klain Im ready for summer!☀”

The native Colombian dyed her hair brown years ago, explaining that blonde locks “didn’t match the Hollywood stereotype for a Latina woman” and adding, “I think I should have always had dark hair."

We suppose it worked -- because between 'Modern Family' and those Pepsi ads, it's tough to turn a corner these days without seeing something with Vergara's face on it.

Gotta say we like the golden goddess thing on her, and the denizens of Instagram seem to agree -- the majority of the comments left on the photo complimented her new look. Or at least the ones in English did. The Spanish classes we took in college are a little hazy now, but we'll just assume those posts are just as glowing.

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