A new report says Maine has some of the worst rural roads and bridges in the country. It begs the question "Did you not know this already?” 

The need for improved infrastructure and the difficulty of paying for it, is not new. Even a young Abe Lincoln saw it as an issue, back in his day.

The report says 26% of Maine’s rural roads have pavement that is in poor condition, which is the eighth highest rate in the country. Most of the rural roads in Maine are maintained by each city or town. According to WGME, the study found 15% of Maine’s rural bridges were rated as "structurally deficient."

DOT officials say they spend $70 million on bridges, but they say they should be spending twice that.

State officials say their department relies heavily on the federal Highway Trust Fund. That program is set to expire at the end of this month but they hope congress votes to extend it.

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