Early last Wednesday morning, President Trump sent a tweet that ended with the word "covfefe".  Obviously, it was a typo caused by the tweeter's fat fingers.  Not a shocker, the entire country went bonkers over it.  People on every form of social media were ripping on him over it.  Now, people are using it as their vanity plate number.

According to CNN, someone here in Maine was the first person to snatch "Covfefe" as their plate number.

Some of the 20 other places it's happening include Nebraska and North Carolina. It's been snatched up in Texas, but the state’s personalized plate search tool helpfully suggested alternates. There could be more state's where people have grabbed that plate number because some states don't have an online database that allows you to search for your desired plate number.

Here's what Kimmel had to say about it:

Anyone know who grabbed it here in Maine?  Message us on Facebook because we'd love to talk to him or her.

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