It's no secret that across the United States battles for parents' rights have erupted at school board meetings from coast to coast.

Parents across many states are arguing that they should have a say in not only what their kids are learning at school but also the kind of material they are being given access to, including books.

With many states turning to ban certain pieces of literature from school libraries, it has pushed some libraries to create 'Banned Book Clubs', including one book spot in Maine.

According to an article from WGME 13, the Orono Public Library has launched a new program geared at kids in 8th grade through high school called the '"banned book club."

The news station explains that the club is set up to meet one time a month to read, reflect and discuss certain pieces of literature that are being banned around the country.

WGME caught up with Orono Public Library's Youth Services Librarian, Lindsay Varnum, who told the news station in part;

"A lot of the books that are being challenged and banned are books by authors of color or have main characters of color, or authors that are part of the LGBTQ+ community. I think it's really important that those marginalized people have a voice, and I think it's important for kids who belong to those communities to see themselves in books."

What do you think of the banned book club?

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