A 29 year old Waterville man has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including attempted murder.

According to WCSH 6, 29 year old Maurice Watkins-Cundiff was arrested by Waterville Police early Sunday morning after he allegedly fired multiple shots at a person involved in a domestic dispute.  The incident reportedly happened on Pleasant Street in Waterville at approximate 1:40 AM on Sunday (April 10th).

The unnamed person was reportedly trying to leave the scene of the incident when Watkins-Cundiff allegedly opened fire.  Several bullets allegedly struck the vehicle.

Watkins-Cundiff then attempted to follow his intended victim in a sports car.  However, he was pulled over by police and subsequently arrested for driving without headlights on.

The TV news channel reported that Waterville Police Department Deputy Chief Bonney said of the incident:

This was an incredibly dangerous situation that was brought to a successful conclusion – with no injuries to any party – due to a quick and professional response by the Waterville Police Department Patrol Division

There is no word on when Maurice Watkins-Cundiff will be in court.

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