It is flu season in Maine.  To sum it up the flu is reported in all 16 counties in Maine and this past week alone almost 700 people tested positive and 29 ended up in the hospital. Two people died.  That makes 10 so far this flu season.

What are your best lines of defense?

According to the CDC most of it is simple: avoid crowds, stay home if you are sick, cover your sneezes /cough, avoid touching your eyes/mouth/nose, clean areas where you touch (counters, facets, knobs), general healthy habits to be healthy human…oh ya… AND WASH YOUR FREAKIN’ HANDS!  Yes, washing your hands is a very simple way stay heathy.  Here are some tips on heathy hand washing.

What about the flu shot? The CDC does have recommendations for that.  But I know this is an issue that people have very passionate feels around, so I say you-do-you on that.

But that hand washing thing…I do have on opinion…WASH YOUR HANDS!

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