Police are looking for a suspect that led them on a high-speed chase before crashing into the home of an elderly couple and fleeing the scene. Now, that couple has been displaced from their home.

According to an article from WGME 13, the Lewiston Police Department was attempting to conduct what initially appeared to be a routine traffic stop on Wednesday morning when the driver they had stopped decided to take off on them.

Police gave chase to the suspect who they say was driving a dark-in-color Honda CRV. They say that the driver began to reach speeds that were so fast police needed to temporarily break off the chase.

Several minutes after police had discontinued their chase of the Honda CRV, they were notified that the car had crashed into the side of a house after going off the road. A witness of the crash told responding officers that they saw the CRV 'hit a large rock' before 'launching it' into some powerlines and eventually into the side of the single-level blue house.

The car caused so much damage to the home that power and heat was knocked out as well as lots of visible damage done to the outside of the house. By the time police were able to get to the scene of the crash on Lisbon Road, the driver had already taken off.

Police say that the car involved was not a stolen one, though they have still be unable to locate the driver. Anyone with any information regarding the Wednesday night pursuit or crash should contact the Lewiston Police Department.

The daughter of couple, both in their 80s, told WGME that her parents were asleep at the time of the impact. They are currently displaced while repairs to power and heat happen on their home. They're also currently seeking a contractor who can repair the damage to the outside of the home.

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