The website has come up with the U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasm Index. They based their index on five factors: Marijuana Users, Marijuana Affordability, Interest in Marijuana, Legal Status of Marijuana, and Publicly Expressed Interest in Marijuana. So, where did Maine rank on their index?

Maine came in at number five with a total score of 294 out of 500. Colorado was number one on the index and North Dakota coming in at the bottom of the list with a total score of 50 out of 500.

Here's what they said about Maine.

' This is going to shock a lot of people in Vermont, but Maine’s passion for pot is higher than its granola-fed neighbor to the southwest. While recreational marijuana remains illegal, medical marijuana is available to residents, although at prices that make Oregonians shudder (17th cheapest in the country). Over 10.2% of residents admit to using marijuana in the past month—third highest in the country, and it’s home to the fourth most frequent cannabis-related Google searches.'