A 77-year-old Maine bus driver is dead following a Monday morning incident that caused the driver to become incapacitated during a medical event.

Students on the bus were able to steer it off the road and bring it to a stop while subsequently calling 911 for help.

First responders began CPR and then driver was airlifted to the hospital but was later pronounced dead according to WMTW.


A group of Maine kids were safely able to stop their school bus on Monday morning after the driver suffered an apparent medical event.

According to WMTW, an MSAD 75 (Topsham) school bus driver suffered some sort of medical event that left them incapacitated while the bus, full of children, was in motion.

Reports indicate that the students were able to take control of and stop the large vehicle safely on the side of the road on Route 201.

A passerby stopped and was able to assist in securing the bus while students dialed 911. Responding Topsham police officers began CPR when they arrived on scene.

Eventually the driver of the Topsham school bus was airlifted to the hospital where their condition remains unknown at this time, according to WMTW.

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