Maine is known for its oceanic wonders and nautical beauty. If you’re lucky enough to live here and see the underwater creatures, it’s breathtaking.

The Kittery Police Department posted a video on their Facebook page that's incredibly cool. Watching the magic of a whale will never get old.

Danny Cantois, an off-duty police officer, was at the stern of a boat on Pepperell Cove in Kittery, Maine, and captured a video of a humpback whale breeching the water, as per the post.

According to the article, Marine Mammals of Maine were able to tell us that it definitely was a humpback whale.

But that's not the most exciting part.

The real highlight for me is Danny's voice. His excitement is so contagious as he proudly shouts, "I got it, Dick!", in his perfect Maine accent. For me, his enthusiastic outburst was the best part of the entire video, adding a personal touch to the already incredible footage.

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And because I believe that everything happens for a reason, the significance and spiritual meaning when you see a humpback whale is pretty cool.

According to About My Brain, 

Whales are often revered for their intelligence, grace, and gentle nature, and can symbolize wisdom, harmony, and interconnectedness with the natural world. They can also represent a sense of spiritual guidance, power, and wisdom.

Have you gotten the chance to see any whales in Maine? If so, let us know!

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