Stories like this can definitely be disturbing reads for many people. Especially because teachers are supposed to be similar to parents in the sense that they're the ones we trust to keep our children safe while they're away from the nest learning each day. And when a teacher violates that coveted trust, it can send any parent or student reeling.

That's exactly what allegedly happened on Tuesday evening  at a school sporting event. According to WGME 13, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office arrested a substitute teacher from the Gray New Gloucester High School on Tuesday evening after he allegedly grabbed a student by the throat.

WGME reports that substitute teacher, Robert Doyle, grabbed the child by the neck leading to his eventual arrest. Cumberland County Sheriff's deputies charged Doyle with aggravated assault and promptly transported him to the Cumberland County Jail to be booked on the aforementioned charges.

Cumberland County Sheriff's Office
Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

Doyle's bail was subsequently set at $5,000 unsecured, the news station reported.

It is unclear at this time whether or not Doyle is still considered employed by the Gray New Gloucester School District or not, or what kind of altercation led to him allegedly grabbing the student by the throat.

This is a developing story and we will continue to keep it updated as more information is made available to us.

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