Over the last year, nearly every industry on the planet has found new ways to innovate.  Most amazing, and heartwarming, is how our children and teens have come up with some of these innovations.

According to WCSH 6, 16 year old Vetri Vel, a student at Bangor High School, has come in 6th place at the prestigious Regeneron Math & Science contest.

Additionally, he won $80,000!

Vel's entry into the contest helps people (particularly the elderly), who have fallen and may have injured themselves.  Basically, it is a "detection system" that uses heat sensing cameras to identify if a person has fallen.  It does that with an accuracy rate of 98%.

He started working on the project after a neighbor collapsed at home.

There were nearly 2,000 other entries into the contest.

He plans to use the $80,000 to help pay for his education.  He was recently accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He plans to double major in physics and electrical engineering.

Normally, the competition and award ceremony is held in Washington, D.C.  However, like nearly every other in-person event over the last year, the pandemic forced the finals to be held virtually.  This, of course, was done to keep the competitors and their families safe.

Learn more about the contest and the other competitors HERE

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