According to WMTW News 8, emergency crews responded to a crash in the northern Maine town of Masardis on Thursday morning after reports of a crash involving a fully-loaded 18-wheeler hauling logs.

When crews got to the scene they found that the log truck, driven by Matthew Carmichael, had gone off to the right of Masardis Road and crashed into a pile of cedar logs. Oddly enough, Carmichael was hauling a load of cedar logs on his truck at the time of the crash, according to WMTW.

When officials began investigating the cause of the crash and exactly what had happened, Carmichael told police on scene that he had started having a sneezing fit. This obviously would have caused him to begin sneezing over and over without stopping.

WMTW says that Carmichael sustained some minor injuries that were checked out by medical staff in an ambulance that had responded to the scene.

WMTW went on to say that the scene was cleaned up by Berier's towing and that the crash still remains under investigation.

As this is an ongoing and developing story, we will continue to keep details updated as more information comes into our studios as well as the studios of our local media partners here in Maine and beyond.

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