I don't think that it comes as a surprise to many that I am a class-A license holder. I have criss-crossed Maine and a couple other states in a Detroit Diesel powered 18-wheeler.

One of my other gigs however was driving a Class-B plow truck clearing roadways for the town of Windsor... man I miss that gig! Something about being out in the middle of the night clearing snow off the roads and jamming to the tunes.. it was great!

Winter Storms across the U.S.
flickr Editorial/Getty Images

It has come to my attention that there are a lot towns that are suffering from qualified and licesned plow drivers. Worry not- I'm here to help. If you know anyone who could use an experienced and licensed driver for a big plow let me know. I don't care about the money, however, this could only be a part/time or relief position as I'm a full time DJ here at the Moose.. and as much as I love driving.. THIS is my home!

Watcha got?