Last night I had fun doing my live broadcast at McDonald's on Main St. in Waterville. Between midnight and 4am, they have both breakfast and dinner options and you can mix choices. You can have fries with your Egg McMuffin or a hash brown with your Big Mac for example. Both the lobby and drive thru are open 24 hours a day for your hunger and they also have a great Playland for use during the more prime hours. I will say  they look to be a fun bunch of people work with.

At live broadcasts, we're greeters, broadcasters, showmen/women and at times we're also observers. Last night was a great night to watch. It's sort of nostalgic to see things haven't changed much since I did my tour in fast food. You have boyfriends and girlfriends waiting in the lobby for their significant others to punch out, The "kids" laughing while they work and at times giggling with customers, etc.

In all honesty I encourage all 16-18 year olds to work fast food while in school. You attain a work ethic, learn time management skills and you'll meet friends and have friendships that could last a lifetime. Almost every fast food environment I've witnessed has been an upbeat and fun atmosphere.  It could be that it was that I had no real responsibility or that I was young but I had an awesome time flipping burgers as a teenager. I wouldn't want to go back to it now at 41 years of age unless I had to but as a single guy in my late teens I had a pretty good time.

Last night I guess brought out the nostalgia of what it was to be in a fast food kitchen.